M.Y. Mianiye
The Way of Knowledge, Love and Power



This monograph by M.Y.Mianiye, the researcher, teacher, scientific supervisor of the Centre “Development of the Human” is dedicated to the interpretation of Patandjali’s sutras and consideration of the connection of this teaching with classic yoga. It stands out as brand new information about energetic building of the human, mechanisms of his consciousness (thinking, abilities, etc.) functioning, techniques of revealing and developing the abilities.

This edition is, first of all, meant for those who attempt to comprehend the bases of energetic way of development, to form spiritual attitude to life and take the way of the Light to purposefully develop, cognate and serve.



Yoga-sutra is a classic work by Patandjali (Spiritual Teacher, circ. VI century BC), which concisely defines the basics of the eight-level way of development. These sutras belong to the best known and cited sources of yoga and have lots of interpretations, however, they cannot be considered completely comprehendible. The reason lies in the ciphered meaning of the most of the sutras, which is also characteristic for Vedas and many other ancient texts. Thus, the purpose of this monograph is not a word-by-word translation of the initial source but its interpretation on the basis of the system of knowledge of classic and modern yoga.

The approach to the sutras deciphering is based on two principles: theoretical and technical. The first theoretical principle presupposes understanding of yoga terminology, of spiritual laws and yet not completely described energetic mechanisms of the consciousness functioning as well as methods of its control etc. The second, technical method is based on the use of semantic, digital and meditative keys in text processing brought to the rules of words transformation and defining the sequence of the sutras.

The material presentation is based on the mentioned principles and rules of information presentation aimed at its maximum simplicity. Chapter 1 and the introduction to each following chapter contain the theoretical bases necessary for understanding the gist of the sutras. Chapters 2-5 correspond to chapters 1- 4 of Patandjali and consistently consider yoga methods, its programme, results and aims to be achieved. The succession of the sutras is stipulated by their logical connection and differs from that of the initial source.

I hope that this work will help you understand better the way of spiritual development of the human meant for him by higher powers, comprehend his value and set about the purposeful development that is revealing all his powers and abilities potentially present in each human.






Human is a special creature possessing great abilities for development, which are given to him to realize his destination. Human’s destination is to become the assistant of the Creator through development, cognition and service. The human consists of the consciousness, energetics, body and outer systems.

Consciousness is the basic part of the human containing about 42% of all the energies meant for thinking and controlling the human manifestations through perception of energy and information, their storing, processing and influencing to control. Consciousness consists of chakras, flows, channels and some other systems.

Energectics is the second important part of the human containing about 20% of all his energies and meant for fulfilling the orders of consciousness, accumulating energy and body energizing. Energetics consists of membranes, energetic systems, free energies, its flows and channels.

Body is a physical part of the human containing about 8% of all his energies and meant for interaction with material world through performing the orders of consciousness. The body allows to the consciousness and energetics accumulating big volumes of energy, which fosters quick development.

Outer systems are temporary additional systems of the human (capsule and spirit), given to him by Karma for development and life on the Earth. The capsule contains about 20% of all energies of the human and is meant for the connection with Karma and the subtle world. The Spirit provides the connection with the God and Cosmos and contains 10% of the human energy.

  1. I.                     Outer systems
  2. The Spirit (10%) – provides the connection with the Absolute.
  3. Capsule(20%) – provides the connection with the subtle world.
    1. Consciousness (42%) – is meant for controlling energetics and the body.
    2. Main chakras.
    3. Chakras of the double.
      1. III.                 Energetics (20%) – is meant for subtle manifestations and the body energizing.
      2. Membranes and their systems.
      3. The main double.
      4. Additional doubles.
        1. IV.                The body (8%) – fulfils the orders of consciousness in physical world.

Pic 1.  Energy construction of the human.


Chakras are basic units of consciousness fulfilling its all most important functions (perception, processing, control through creating and analysing thoughts, images, sensations and working energies). Flows serve to transfer working energies (realization), and channels for the thoughts transfer (control).

Consciousness consists of 12 basic charkas and other systems, which may be divided into 4 units: consciousness proper, sub-consciousness, super-consciousness, and general consciousness. General consciousness switches on when all the rest of the units are already functioning and consists of the essence chakra (individual features) and the 13th world chakra (struggle, the Good and the Evil).

Consciousness proper is responsible for forming the rest of the units of consciousness, their control, conscious perception and thinking. This unit consists of the spiritual chakra (perception), intellect (thinking), adjna (amplification of orders), the systems of self-suggestion (creation of energy and images) and concentration (the transfer of the latter).

Sub-consciousness is responsible for automatic fulfilling the basic functions of consciousness and consists of muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata and vishudha. Super-consciousness is responsible for the highest levels of thinking, connection of the human with the God (atman), Cosmos and the subtle world (sahasrara).

Spiritual creature is a special part of consciousness formed around God’s endowment and immediately connected with the Absolute; it is first of all responsible for feelings and ideals of the human. The mediator connects the Spiritual creature with the rest of consciousness. The essence stipulates special features of the human and provides adaptation of his soul on the Earth.


Ш. Sub-consciousness


12. Muladhara.

13. Svadhisthana.

14. Manipura.

15. Anahata.

16. Vishudha.

IV. General consciousness.

17. Essence.

18. Essence chakra.

19. 13th world chakra.

V. Connections.

20. Channels.

21. Flows.



1. Intellect.

2. Spiritual chakra.

3. Adjna.

4. Systems of logical self-suggestion.

5. Systems of image-bearing self-suggestion.

6. Systems of concentration.

  1. II.    Super-consciousness:

7. Sahasrara.

8. Spiritual creature.

9. God’s endowment.

10. Atman.

11. Mediator.

Pic. 2. Consciousness construction


Consciousness control is the initiation of the manifestations necessary to the human, which is achieved through conscious or automatic control of his systems with the help of logical, image-bearing and voluntary orders. Development of the human presupposes comprehending his internal world and building up the skills of its control.

Systems of self-suggestion are specially meant for the creation of the images and working energies in great amounts from particles (primal components and quanta), accumulated by basic charkas. The systems of concentration are responsible for the delivery of the created images and working energies to the object of influence.

Logical orders consist in internal pronouncing of a phrase rendering the gist of the required influence. These orders include intellect (the essence of influence, the flow of the thoughts directed towards the chakras corresponding to the order) and the systems of logical self-suggestion (working energies with the programme of influence).

Image-bearing orders are concluded in envisaging the required influences and their results. These orders include the spiritual chakra and hereby the systems of image-bearing self-suggestion (the form of influence, images are energetic structures performing power and ordering control of the objects).

Voluntary orders are concluded in controlling attention and making voluntary efforts to create required influences. These orders include adjna and hereby the systems of concentration (the power of the created images and the flows of working energies, their direction towards the object and maintaining the set mode).

  1. I.                     Logical orders (sense, programme) – internal pronouncing:
  2. Intellect.
  3. Thoughts.
  4. Systems of logical self-suggestion.
  5. Working energies.
    1. Image-bearing orders (form, influence) – imagining, remembering:
    2. Spiritual chakra.
    3. Thoughts.
    4. Systems of image-bearing self-suggestion.
    5. Images.
      1. Voluntary orders (power, direction) – attention, voluntary efforts.
      2. Adjna.
      3. Thoughts.
      4. Systems of concentration.

Pic.3. Consciousness control.



This world is created by the will of the God and is subject to physical, energetic and spiritual laws. Physical laws describe interactions of material objects, energetic ones – interconnection of energies, spiritual ones – the rules of interaction between the creatures, with other creatures and the world around.

The subtle world of the Earth consists of membranes, systems, agregores and hierarchies of creatures. This world is mainly created for the life and development of the human through influencing him positively and negatively, influences at the level of setting the destiny, separate situations, influences of agregores, creatures, etc.

Destination is defined through the external (private life, surrounding, career) and internal (the level of development, feeling of happiness) self-realization of the human. Initial destiny is stipulated by the Karma in accordance with the level and the results of the previous activity of the human. Realizable destiny depends on the human himself.

Agregores, informational and energetic spaces influence the human mainly for his thoughts (ideas). Adequate ideas (corresponding to the laws of the Creator) give positive energetic and informational link-ups, non-adequate – negative link-ups, blocks, etc.

Creatures, including humans at energetic level influence the human mainly for his manifestations (realized thoughts). Positive manifestations give feelings, energy and positive consequences, and negative – negative link-ups, magic and negative consequences.


Development of consciousness is extending its abilities (internal realization) and possibilities (external realization), which is achieved through cognition, energy accumulation, the techniques of development and external activity. The types of abilities are the following: spiritual, intellectual, energetic and general.

Cognition is an activity aimed at the formation of one’s own ideas, spiritual (perception, recognition) and intellectual (processing, making decisions) abilities of the work with information. Cognition is based on logics (the rules of making estimations and conclusions) and practice (confirmations and initial information).

Adequate cognition brings to clearing, structuring and directing consciousness. Clearing is the substitution of negative programmes (thoughts) by positive. Structuring is the amalgamation of separate ideas into a non-contradictive unity. Directing is the choice of clearly defined aims and values.

Adequate cognition automatically modifies both the function of consciousness and influences on it. Clearing removes magic, negative link-ups and blocks. Structuring makes consciousness holistic, active and controllable. Directing defines patrons and basic sources of energy.

Accumulation of energy stands for extending its volume and raising its quality, which is achieved through adequate cognition, purposeful energy accumulation, its storing and rational use. Energetic development (opening systems, control of the condition, ESP abilities, etc.) is based on energy accumulation.

  1. I.               Karma

–     Parents (the body).

–     Astrological data (energetics).

–     Consciousness transformation (abilities, inclinations).

–     Situations (though capsules interaction).

–     Destiny.

  1. Agregores (imagining)


  1. Insets.
  2. 2.  Blocks.


–     Energy.

–     Information.

  1. III.           Creatures (manifestations):


  1. Link-ups.
  2. Magic.


–     Feelings.

–     Conditions.

Pic. 4. Consciousness development and influencing it