(edited by academician A.G.Potyomkina)


The book is created on the basis of the course of lectures «Spiritual Laws» written by the president-founder, the supervisor of studies of the System and the Center «Development of the Personality», the academician M.Y.Mianiye (Grand Ph. D., Ph. D., the Doctor of Philosophy, professor).

The purpose of the book is to show the Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws, their meaning and their influence on our life. Spiritual laws define what a person should do, how a person should act to discover all the best qualities and talents kept inside. They also define what negative consequences follow some certain infringement. They define the rules of the game called “life”. During the whole time of living on the Earth people keep learning these laws. The importance of Spiritual Laws can scarcely be exaggerated.

The book consists of the informational part of the educational course and small exercises. The practical part, which contains intensive psychological trainings and­ exercises on work with energy (auto-suggestion, meditations), is conducted only by experienced personnel during the lectures of the Center.

The questions important and vital for each person are given in the publicistic style. This makes the book understandable for the wide audience of readers. The book has no restrictions according to someone’s creed or confession (spiritual laws are uniform for all religions), age (it is interesting both to a teenager and a pensioner to understand him- or herself, to know the reason why something happens). The book will be very helpful in your career. And it is just indispensable for mutual relations in private life or in a family, for education of children.




Work with information


Mechanisms of realisation of Spiritual Laws

Levels of Spiritual Laws

Chapter 2. LAWS of LEVEL I

Type 1. Knowledge.

Type 2. Attitude to God – superconsciousness

Type 3. Purposeful Service to God

Type 4. Non-purposeful Service to God. Improvement of connection with God

Chapter 3. LAWS of LEVEL II

Type 1. Laws of thinking

Type 2. Attitude to the Higher Forces

Type 3. Attitude to spiritual components

Type 4. Attitude to material components

Chapter 4. LAWS of LEVEL III

Type 1. Purposes

Type 2. Priorities

Type 3. Plans and their realization

Chapter 5. LAWS of LEVEL IV

Essence of the Laws

Warning and punishment

Positive influence

Chapter 6. LAWS of LEVEL V

Type 1. Normalization of thinking

Type 2. Self-management (dignity)

Type 3. Development

Chapter 7. LAWS of LEVEL VI

Type 1. General requirements to behaviour of a person (dignity)

Type 2. Requirements to expressions (situational)

Type 3. Justice

Type 4. Strength and diplomacy

Chapter 8. LAWS of LEVEL VII

Main statements

Type 1, 2 and 3 according to the life stages

Type 4. Self-realisation


Spiritual healing

Schemes of questions

Work with information. Answers


Meaning and levels of Spiritual Laws

World religions. The Order

Way of Development

Interesting questions and answers: 1. The Spirit. Development, 2. Hometasks, 3. Miscellaneous, 4. The System


The Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws is a big and important theme. At first let us consider what the Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws is and why it is necessary for us. Decoding of the meaning of some Law or its principle is absolutely different theme. In the beginning it is necessary to see the whole picture, then we consider the levels of the Laws in details to have the possibility to use this in practice. Studying the Laws we learn to see the most brutal infringements. The recipe of what to do with it and what makes a person stronger, etc. is getting obvious.

What is the Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws? How does it affect on our life? What meaning does it have for development of a person?

It is difficult, it is even impossible to exaggerate the importance of the Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws. The way of Development makes a person learn the truth. What does God want from you? What gives you power and dignity?  What is happiness on the Earth? What makes your destiny favorable? Spiritual Laws tell, what person you should be, what you should do to discover all the best hidden inside, and to realize your mission. The Laws also tell that, for instance, such infringement leads to such unpleasant consequence. The Laws define the Way of Development – how a person should move forward.

Let us consider the Spiritual Laws as they are and try to understand how to use them. First of all there is an idea for the sake of what a person should live, why a person is born over and over again. Then we take a look at the basic spiritual principles and one’s purposes. How do these Laws work? Some of the Laws are of short-term nature. For example: if you lie you’ll cut your finger. There are the Laws that work according to results of a long period and the most long-term ones are the Laws of the 1st level. Each principle has its certain consequences (influences, magics, gifts). The most long-term influence is the result of all lives of a person on the Earth. If he or she chooses the Way of Light and passes all the lessons on the Earth with dignity, then his or her award, for example, according to the Buddhism, is the end of “the wheel of existence”, the wheel of Samsara. It means a person has learnt everything possible – he or she has fulfilled the Mission defined by the Higher Forces and has carried out the Karma tasks passing his or her life test. Then a person goes to another world according to the Hierarchy. If a person is completely wrong, doing a lot of evil things, if a person is an incorrigible embodiment of evil, then his or her soul is to be destroyed. Why should he/she hurt everybody in the future lives? The consequences of these Laws show the results of many lives. A Soul moves forward or it will be destroyed.



The first phrase: «I wish to learn the will of the Lord. I wish to feel His love». You should say it in such a manner to believe in this decision, «I want it». You put the whole will of your soul in these words, and your chakras start to wake up. Each chakra shines, if you need it.

Each chakra is responsible for its questions: Atman (spiritual heart situated in the center of one’s chest) is responsible for love to the God, for belief, feelings and ideals; Vishuddha (in the center of one’s neck) is responsible for creativity, joy and pleasure. And when you say loudly, «I want it », you can feel your chakras flash. Or you say, «I want to have a perfect body». And your Swadhisthana and Muladhara start to triumph with delight, «We are not forgotten. Now we will receive what we need». Actually these statements are very important. It is also necessary to develop one’s voice, and to learn to light a fire inside.

Imagine, that you are standing in a temple. Speak to be heard by the Higher Forces and by your Soul.  that your Soul will  hear you. Speak not to someone, but to yourself and to the Higher Forces: «I wish to feel the will of God, I wish to feel His love». In all esoteric books the words “He”, “His”(when we speak about God) are written with the capital letter. It is also pronounced with the corresponding intonation, as the name of God: «His love».

One of the most valuable things a person can feel in his or her life is the feel of the love of God or the love to God. And one more time: «I wish to learn the will of the Lord. I wish to feel His love». Repeat trying to feel each word.

Training (with a partner, with necessary corrections and recommendations):

In this task your voice and your intonation, the way you say words are very important. But it is much more important whether a person in front of you believes you or not. Are you speaking sincerely from your heart or with a doubt? Do you believe in the words you tell or you hesitate?.

The first phrase is: «I wish to learn the will of the Lord. I wish to feel His love». Some words should be underlined with your intonation – put the power of your feelings. The most important things should be underlined. Try to feel all words you say with your heart.

The second phrase is: «I wish to check my purposes, each step according to the God’s will. I wish to follow the God’s will». Speak with all power of your Soul. The way of spiritual development requires understanding of what the Forces of Light and God want a person to become and to do in his or her life. The closer you approach to understanding of the God’s will, the better. In this case all your life turns to better. Say aloud: «I wish to check my purposes, each step according to the God’s will. I wish to follow the God’s will». Your partner describes his/her impression of your speech – whether you really want it sincerely, whether he/she believes you, or you just pretend that you want something.



Hierarchy of Spiritual Laws

(7 levels)

If we take a look at Spiritual Laws then it is possible to forecast the final results a person is going to reach following the chosen way after the set of lives.

The 1st level of the Laws is connected with the attitude to God. Following the way of Development a person should answer the following questions: «Where should I go? Who is “the boss” in my opinion? Whom should I serve?». Basically it shows the attitude to God, the choice of the Way of Light and understanding of what a person can and should do. God has created an immortal soul, thin worlds and the universe. God has created people in order to discover their potential.  Finally, a person should take his/her place in the Hierarchy of Gods and begin to fulfill the necessary mission. Before this a person should go through the logic steps of development and learn first of all to understand him- or herself, to develop self-management, then to help and support people (3-5 persons at least), then more and more. If we analyze logically, then we see that making some steps in development a person is capable to keep the constantly increasing volume of information in his or her consciousness and to manage more difficult processes. And at a certain level one is able even to control the Universe? Everything should be made step-by-step. A person gets an award, power or position when he or she is ready and after fulfillment of all conditions. The sense of the 1st level of the Laws is the attitude to God. The consequence is the destiny of a Soul of a person. It goes through many lives. If a person chooses the dark Way, then such soul is going to be destroyed. If a person chooses the Way of Light, then after the evolution on the Earth, he or she goes to the hierarchy of gods. This level of the Laws basically defines the future destiny of a Soul.

The Laws of the 1st level are the highest ones: the knowledge about God, the attitude to Him, the Service. They define the choice of the Way (the bright, the dark or the grey one), position in the hierarchy (a loner is always weak), the destiny of Forces, society and a person (the Laws are the same for everybody). 10% of all influences on a person are caused by these Laws. Some people think that the attitude to God is not very important, as that is the reason of 10% of all influences on a person only.  But that is not “just 10%”, that is “no less than 10%”.



How do Spiritual Laws work? A person lives whether he or she knows Spiritual Laws or not. Imagine that sacred, mysterious scroll with the Laws written on it. Looking at this scroll, Karma defines the destiny of a person. If you try to learn and respect these Laws then Karma may give you an award. If you don’t respect them, Karma brings something unpleasant into your life. This is done for one reason – a person should pay attention to the God’s will, it looks like this.

Try to feel at least approximately what Faith is. What is the love to God? Address to the Lord, try to open your heart and to feel what feeling it can be. The purer heart, the deeper understanding a person has and the higher energy level he or she can maintain, the more powerful state he or she is capable to experience. To reach the highest level of the state, one should walk a long way and solve all important questions in his or her life. And at the top you can find one of the most valuable awards, which is the possibility to feel the love of God at the full measure.

It is necessary to find such image, such attitude to Spiritual Laws to feel with all heart: «I Want it!»  It’s quite individual for everyone. For example: there is a person, there is God above him and there is the ancient scroll, the manuscript, which is millions, billions years old. The knowledge kept in it shows the way of a person to God, and each step brings new gifts. These are the steps of power, happiness and perfection. One should understand it, feel it in the heart. The law is the Way. Listen to your heart. If you pass the current step correctly, then you get an award. If something is done wrong then you will have to pay attention: «You are wrong».

One should really want to see, to learn the Laws with all his/her heart, to come to God, to reach happiness and perfection. Most of people live with “closed” eyes, they are always busy, they have no time to think, they do not realize what they are doing and they have no chance to escape from the circle of their illusions. They consider that the Earth life brings only sufferings because they do not try to find the Way. Some of them flounce during their life  like blind men, run round like a squirrel in a cage. Others improve their skills in some evil business, so they go to the sad ending.

Try to imagine the picture: a person and the Law. Feel with your heart that the way upward is the most important thing. You shouldn’t go around in circles in your life. But you should behave worthily. «I want Gods to be with me and my Soul to be happy». You are bored to go around in circles like a blind man – this is already in the past. Remember this picture and the corresponding state.

At least approximately try to feel what Faith is. What is the love to God? Imagine, that you enter some temple and that you are the only person there. The sacred flame is burning. It doesn’t matter what to do next (you stand on your knees as Christians do or you may keep your hands in Namaste or otherwise). The most important thing is to turn to God with all your heart: «Please, give me the chance to feel what Faith is. Please, give me the chance to feel the love to God». This is the first ray of hope or a great wish. You open your heart to the Higher Forces and you feel the light streams touching your Soul. You feel like something is touching your spiritual heart and this feeling is growing. Allow your sensations to develop and to grow. “Tune” your heart: «I Want it!» Sensations, images, energy, internal light – try to understand this, to feel, to absorb and to remember. And send your gratitude to the Patrons mentally.

Did you manage to shape the image of Spiritual Laws? Does it inspire you and your heart? You try to focus on what you understand. You feel you need it for some reason. Thus you develop your habit to pay attention to Spiritual Laws always.