M.Y. Mianiye

The Laws of the Creator

Part No.1






The Capsule

The Spirit


This monograph by M. Y. Mianiye, the researcher and the head of the system «Development of the Human» presents philosophic bases of this concept, describes mechanisms and techniques of energy-informational interaction between the human and the subtle world. The paper is singular in the aspect of possibility to create within its terms highly-efficient techniques of development, which may allow a person to advance to the level of independent verification of esoteric knowledge.

The issue is meant first and foremost for the reader with an appropriate background, who realizes the necessity to systematize his/her ideas of the soul, the subtle world and the spiritual laws acting there.



on to the series of monographs «The Laws of the Creator»

This series is created to implement the project of the Creator — the arrangement of life on the Earth according to the ideas of Love, Kindness, Justice, Power, Non-violence, Development, Beauty, Harmony, Creation and Hierarchy. This presupposes, first of all, a qualitatively new level of systematization of esoteric and scientific knowledge about the world, development of  the most efficient methodologies of spiritual, intellectual and energetic human development, the introduction of the rules of  ultimate life goals of the human in conformity with his/her individual features and  karmic tasks.

The materials offered in this and the following monographs present the theoretical basis for the esoteric practical and philosophic system «Development of the Human». It should be noted that the  information below has never been published and presents the results of the research in terms of the system, which are carried out with an application of the most complicated esoteric techniques of eliciting information and scientific methods of its processing.

The structure of the series is stipulated by the knowledge of the general energetic structure of a human and has the following components. First, the systems connecting him/her with the subtle world are considered, the God and the Cosmos (the capsule, the spirit), then the building, functions and methods of development of the consciousness, the energetics and bodies of the human are consecutively described. After this the rest of the issues are looked into. I hope this knowledge may turn useful to those, who aspire for the highest Mind Power, Will Power and Spirit Power.


The author



Doctrine is the system of knowledge about the upbringing and development of the human directed to give him/her the idea of the art of living on the Earth. The more plausible and complete the background knowledge of this doctrine is, the more powerful the doctrine itself is.

The system of knowledge is such a presentation of the information, which allows to  trace through all the interconnections among different notions. Esoteric knowledge may be subdivided into the following three parts: the human, the world around the human, and philosophy of the Cosmos .

Knowledge about the human—mainly meant for internal self-realization (development, cognition, service) and includes the structure of the human, influences on him/her and their outcomes (levels of development).

Knowledge of the world around the human— mainly meant for external self-realization of the human (profession, private life, associates) and includes: the structure of the world on the Earth, connections, influences on him/her and their outcomes (destiny, history, etc.)

Philosophy of the Cosmos  — mainly meant for the intelligence formation, understanding of the destination of all the existent and self-realization of the human in Cosmos. The latter includes the knowledge of the Energy, Metacosmos and Space, the God, the most general laws of the world and the human.


1.1. Energy Definition

All the existing is the Energy. This means that the visible (material) and all the invisible (subtle) worlds, consciousness and even the God are in their essence the different manifestation of one and the same Energy and possess its features. The key to the the secret knowledge lies in the understanding of the Energy nature and laws.

Energy encompasses a great variety of separate energies, each of which consists of pro-elements, quanta and quantum basis. Different combinations of these particles stipulate all the basic characteristics of the energies (their level, destination, qualities, etc.).

Energetic interactions are the reactions, which appear when some energies or energetic constructions meet (this also includes field interactions between material objects). The result of this interaction is stipulated by their (that of energies) initial characteristics.

Energy is the basis of life and development of all creatures on the Earth and in the Cosmos, because their consciousness and subtle bodies are created from energies and work using them. The creatures are able to accumulate the energy and its components from their appropriate sources.

Energy sources are energetic spaces, other creatures and own chacras (the conscious terminals (centres) able to create necessary energies from particles). As a rule, for the life and development of these creatures these sources are created by the powers of the subtle world.

1.2. Building of Energies

Energy consists of pro-elements, quanta and quantum basis, average proportion of which is 1:1:2. For the creation of energetic systems usually simple energies are used, which include about 400,000 components and in terms of their volume are comparable with that of the electron.

Pro-elements (the earth, fire, air and ether) stipulate the quality of an energy (its lightness, heaviness, etc.), its colour and the type of reaction during interactions. These are the pro-elements, which also stipulate the vibration (pulsation) of an energy, because they can increase or decrease their volume by 100 times.

Quanta (spiritual, intellectual, volitional, constructive, destructive) stipulate  the destination of an energy, that is the possibilities of its use in consciousness and  the type of reaction during the interaction with similar energies. Quanta are not able to change their volume.

Quantum basis (diverse types) is used to connect pro-elements and quanta in energetic chains, the force of internal links in which is stipulated by the level of the components involved. The  strength of the energy influence is in immediate proportion to the force of internal links.

Energy structure presents a succession of various pro-elements in it, quanta and quantum basis, which create the programme of the energy reaction during interaction. In the consciousness of creatures the energy structure is applied for information coding.

1.3. Interaction of Energies

The basic characteristic of an Energy is its level, which stipulates the potential power of its influence. The higher the level of an energy, the more powerful and quick it is, that is the reason why the Highest Powers are able to rule this world via the forestalling influence of their energies.

Law 1. The interaction takes place only between the energies of one level or that identical in terms of their level (there are 45 levels of energies in our Cosmos). Energies of different levels, because of the characteristics of the particles compounding them, interact with each other very weakly.

Law 2. The strongest interaction takes place between the energies similar in terms of their characteristics (reaction of amplification) and that ones with antagonistic characteristics (reaction of destruction). Spiritual qualities of the creatures are mainly stipulated by the compounding energies.

Reactions during interaction of energies may be of eight basic types and various additional types (presenting different combinations of the  basic types), which are stipulated by the changes in some characteristics (extinguishing vibrations, transforming structures, etc.) of energies.

Energy conditions (vibration, pulsation) is stipulated by the structure (programme of reaction) and influences made on it. The opposite is also correct, by an energy vibration it is possible to judge its programme and influences made on it.


2.1. Metacosmos

Metacosmos is the most complicated and large-scale system, containing material objects, among the systems existing in the Space. It consists of energetic systems and milliards of cosmoses, for the life and development of which it is meant.

Cosmos is in some way limited huge number of energies from the 1st to the 45th  levels, including material objects (a portion of energies of the 17th level). The initial cosmos (chaos) consists of primeval (not created consciously) energies, which transform in the course of its development.

Cosmoses are organized in the system, which configuratively reminds a torus that revolves and rotates in a complex way around its two main axes. These motions are necessary to compensate for gravitational forces and keeping material objects within the limits of the pre-set volume.

Energetic systems of Metacosmos are special energetic constructions meant for providing existence (drawing in the energy from the Space, organising cosmoses and other purposes) and Metacosmos development (fostering development of cosmoses).

Our Metacosmos is one out of the unlimited number of Metacosmoses existing in the Space. Its position in this Space is set and kept by the system of links, which connect it with the other Metacosmoses.

2.2. Our Cosmos

Our Cosmos has common and individual features which make it different from other cosmoses. Common features are concluded in the division of the cosmos into internal and external ones, individual features are the rules of internal cosmos organization.

External cosmos is created by a chaotic combination of primeval energies, interacting because of their inherent nature and not subjected to the spiritual laws. These energies are the basis for the life and development of internal cosmos.

Internal cosmos is separated from the external one by a number of membranes, which let pass only the energies necessary for its life and development. Our internal cosmos consists of the system of universes and the complex of other energetic systems connected with this system.

The system of universes in our cosmos has existed many billions of years and been constantly developing. Now it includes 47 formed universes and some universes being under construction.

Other energetic systems of internal cosmos are developing simultaneously with creation of universes and are meant for uniting them in a wholistic system, setting up energy-informational exchange among them and performing other functions.

2.3. Universes

The universe is the biggest in cosmos living system that stands for its being protected from external cosmos and letting pass within itself only the energies necessary for its development. Under the development of the universe we mean the development of its energetic systems and creatures inhabiting it.

Every universe consists of membranes, a magnet and millions of sub-universes. Every sub-universe consists of membranes, a magnet and milliards of the systems of galaxies. Every system  of galaxies consists of membranes, the magnet, 2-3 galaxies and milliards of star systems.

A star system consists of stars, planets and celestial bodies. The Celestial body consists, as a rule, of  a physical body, one or several membranes, consciousness, energetic and quantum spaces, elements and its inhabitants.

Physical body is visible and is perceptible by our organs of perception. Membranes are the complexes of energies, keeping within themselves other energies, as a rule, that of higher than the 17th level, which may be perceived by appropriate systems rather than physical organs.

Our Universe is the 17th in the universe system of our Cosmos. One of its basic features is that within its limits they prepare gods of a high level, capable to manage the creation of new sub-universes as well as new universes.

2.4. Space and Time

The space is an ocean of primeval energies, which serve a basis for creation and locating Metacosmoses. The space of our universe is stipulated by interaction of the Magnet and membranes with energies of the space from the 1st to the 32nd levels.

Pure time as it is does not exist. The time of our Universe is stipulated by interaction of the Magnet and membranes with the energies of time from the 1st to the 32nd levels. The energies higher than 32nd level are capable of self-organization, so for their development no additional spatial-temporal influences are necessary.

Energies of space are sustainable energies, scarcely interacting with each other and other energies, evenly distributed in our Universe. They are used for transmitting impulses from the Magnet strikes, which is essential for energies activation as well as for acceleration of their organization.

Energies of time are the energy chains, which actively interact with all the existing and mainly with consciousnesses. They are also used for transmitting impulses from the Magnet strikes and energy activation, but besides provide for the compulsory setting off of the mental structures of consciousness.

Energetic spaces are big amounts of energy, limited by membranes or by any other means. Quantum spaces are energetic spaces consisting of, mainly, quanta. Elements are energetic spaces, consisting, mainly, of pro-elements.

2.5. The Truth of Our Cosmos

The truth of our Cosmos is a complex of ideas put in the basis of creating its system of universes, their worlds and creatures. For each cosmos there exists its own truth, and in accordance with the laws of the Unique and the Universal they must have common and different components.

The idea is a complex of laws describing the behaviour of any thing, the rules of achieving the result, etc. The idea may be presented as some energy, a complex of thoughts with their own programme of development, action and freedom of choice. Under certain conditions it may be perceived by the human.

Laws are descriptions of interdependence between any phenomena of this world. They may be physical, energetic and spiritual. Physical and energetic laws describe interdependences based on inherent characteristics of the matter and the energy.

Spiritual laws describe interdependences, which arise in interactions of some consciousnesses (or someone’s will). Spiritual laws have physical and energetic laws as their starting point, but unlike the latter, they are realizable only by some creatures or specially created systems of the subtle world.

Every basic idea or a basic law has its ownTemple, that is the place where the synthesis of their appropriate energies and programmes (thoughts) takes place. These energies and programmes are used for supporting Laws (the Truth) and developing creatures.


3.1. Levels of the God

The God is an energy of the 25th level and higher. The God rules the world through His energies. The God’s energies are the strongest and the quickest in this world. He rules by means of power influences and forestalling information receiving. The God is the Pro-Creator, the Constructor, the Creator, the Absolute.

The Pro-creator is energies of the 83rd level and higher. The Pro-creator rules all Metacosmoses in Space through Creators. The Pro-creator includes the Pro-creator proper, his worlds and creatures. There is an infinite number of the worlds, energies and creatures of the Pro-creator.

The Constructor is energies from the 46th to the 82nd levels. Every Constructor rules his own Metacosmos through Creators. The Constructor includes the Constructor proper, his worlds and creatures. The worlds of the Constructor are his energies and energetic systems, inhabited by his creatures (gods and others).

The Creator is the energies of the 45th level. Every Creator rules his own number of cosmoses through Absolutes. The Creator includes the Creator proper, his worlds and creatures. The creatures of the Creator are the gods of  cosmos levels and other creatures.

The Absolute is the energies from the 25th to the 44th levels. Every Absolute rules his cosmos through his Hierarchy of Light.

The Absolute includes the Absolute proper, its world and creatures. The creatures of the Absolute are the gods of the level of universes, sub-universes, galaxies and other creatures.

3.2. The God’s Projects

The projects of the Pro-Creator are concluded in exploring and structuring the space through creating Metacosmoses. To achieve this purpose, he singles out the Constructor and defines for him universal and unique principles of creating a concrete Metacosmos.

The projects of the Constructor are the creation of a Metacosmos according to the Pro-Creator’s will and ordering pro-matter (the levels of energies from the 1st to the 24th). To achieve this purpose he makes Creators, with their help he forms a Metacosmos and defines the principles of creating his cosmoses.

The Creator implements the Constructors’ will through his ideals and laws, on the basis of which he creates his system of cosmoses. To pursue this object, he firstly envisages the development of possible worlds in his consciousness, this may last milliards of years and is sometimes called «the play of the Creator’s imagination».

The Creator then sets about the step-by-step creation of the Absolute and all necessary creatures of higher levels. The ideals of the Creator of our cosmos are Love, Kindness, Justice, Power, Non-violence, Development, Beauty, Harmony, Creation, and Hierarchy. The laws of the Creator are the most efficient methods to implement his ideals.

The Absolute implements ideals and laws of the Creator through creating his system of universes and his own creatures. The Hierarchy of Light is created by the Absolute for an immediate function of creating universes, the other creatures – for a number of other purposes.

3.3. The Destination of the Human

The Human is a special creature, created by the Absolute with the help of gods. The destination of the human is to be the Creator’s assistant in the implementation of his projects. The Creator’s assistant is the creator of sub-universes. The human may become the Creator’s assistant only on condition that he has developed all the required abilities through development, cognition and service.

Development is an implementation of all potential human’s aptitudes. The aptitudes may be spiritual, intellectual, energetic and general. The abilities to realize the aptitudes are pre-set in human’s chacras and his systems. The development should take place as a complex and strictly level by level. It should take place according to the laws: nothing should be done at the expense of human’s own development.

Cognition is an activity directed to the formation of understanding the external and internal worlds, first of all, their laws. Cognition is essential as the basis for development and serving, it forms human’s thinking and stipulates the efficiency of his activity.

Serving is any activity necessary for accumulating energy and verification of the development adequacy. Serving may be for the God, for the society and for oneself. Serving for the God is concluded in the help to other people in their development and struggle with the Evil. Serving for the society is concluded in the help for its development. Serving to oneself is for one’s own development.

Implementing destination is under the auspices of the God, that is it provides his protection and help. The god withdraws his auspices from those who failed to implement their destination. People without auspices become vulnerable for the Evil.

3.4. The Hierarchy of Light

The Hierarchy of Light is the hierarchy of the creatures consciously serving to the God and organizing themselves in accordance to the ideals and laws of the Creator. This hierarchy is  ruled by the Creator and the Absolute. It consists of gods, deities and partially of humans.

Gods are the creatures with consciousness energies of the 25th and higher levels, possessing all abilities vital for performing these functions. The indicators of the gods’ abilities are their attributes, which are described in religions and esoteric (snakes over the head stand for the levels of development, weapons and clothes are the symbols of power, honours, etc.)

Deities are the creatures with positive energies from the 19th to the 24th levels. The Earth deities are responsible first of all for catering and developing the Earth itself, the human and other creatures. The main deity responsible for the human development and following the Creator’s laws is Karma.

Relationships in the Hierarchy of Light are set according to the principles of Hierarchy and the Creator’s laws and ideals. One of the basic principles in Hierarchy: equality (democratism) between the equals, inequality between the inequals (the subordinate obeys to the superior and learns from him).

The human is able to enter the Hierarchy of Light if he has implemented his destination (chooses and moves along the way of development, cognition and serving), his strictly positive orientation (coordination of his thoughts, feelings and actions with the Creator’s ideals) and has achieved the 19th and higher levels of development. In this case his energies are pure, light and clear.

3.5. The Hierarchy of the Evil

The Evil is everything, which contradicts to the Creators’ ideals and laws. The phenomena of the Evil are defined in accordance to its ideals: Fear, Violence, Aggression, Anger, Hate, Absence of Freedom, Destruction and others. The Hierarchy of the Evil is the hierarchy of the creatures, who consciously or subconsciously serve to the Evil.

Assures are the creatures with dark energies of consciousness from the 5th to the 23rd levels. There are no dark (negative) creatures at higher than the 23rd level. They all are divided into two types: the entities programmed for the evil and the entities mislead. Relationships among the Assures are built in accordance with the ideals and laws of the Evil.

Expedience of the Evil is connected with the implementation of the human destination. The Ruler (the Creator of sub-universes) should be able to rule so that not a single creature suffer unjustly. On the Earth the human is able to study and experience all the facets of the Evil.

The Evil inevitably appears when there is a development and freedom of choice as a result of erroneous cognition. It is purposeful and is used by the Hierarchy of Light for the acceleration of the human development through his punishment for mistakes (about 70% of cases) and activation of the development (about 20%) and other methods.

The Human enters the Hierarchy of the Evil either consciously (serving to the Evil and development along the dark way) or automatically (implementing his ideals and laws). The main representatives of the Evil among people are the black magicians, dark ESPs, criminals, the evil, the ones exterminating the Evil by its methods. Qualitatively, their Evil energies are black, drab, rusty, turbid, viscous, sticky, etc.


4.1. The World Around

The world around for the human is the nature, society and subtle world in the limits of the Earth. All the three are indissolubly connected with each other. Their interaction, the Cosmos and the God stipulates the life of the human and the world around.

The knowledge about the world around is vital for the human for his self-realization in it. Self-realization in the nature allows to use its powers and understand its creatures. Self-realization in the subtle world allows to enter the Hierarchy of Light, to choose the destiny by oneself and many other possibilities.

The obtained human’s destiny is stipulated mainly by his self-realization in the society (by the results achieved at his job, private life and among the associates) as well as by his own subjective feeling of happiness (the strongest positive states of consciousness).

The initial destiny (programme-minimum) are the predestined for a human aptitudes, events, etc. set by Karma in accordance to the level of the human, his karmic tasks and previous karmic activity. His destiny is stipulated by transformations in his consciousness, the choice of parents, the time and place of his birth.

The realizable destiny mainly depends on the human himself and may be considered as a result of interaction of his consciousness with the world around and his own soul. However, in case there is no development and conscious attitude to the life, it does not exceed the limits of the initial destiny.

4.2. The Nature

All the significant celestial bodies are specialized in the fulfillment of certain functions and the synthesizing their energies, creating a wholistic living system (the sub-universe). The Earth is a cosmic creature strongly connected with many celestial bodies to provide itself and cater for the other creatures.

The subtle world influences the nature via creating and supporting energetic systems, providing the Earth and its creatures by energy, via creation of the programmes to control global physical and energetic processes on the Earth, and also via catering for developing and educating its creatures.

The human influences the nature consciously by physical transformations and automatically (uncontrollably) by the energy synthesis. Now the society accumulated a great amount of negative energies, hazarding the very existence of the Earth, so to prevent the global catastrophe the human’s urgent positive transformations are necessary.

The general hierarchy of creatures stipulates the direction of their development towards their strengthening and complication through the natural and purposeful education. The rule of transition of a creature to the other level postulates the condition that its programme is exhausted, all the requirements are met and the order for its transformation is made.

The level of creatures is stipulated by the level of their dominating energies of consciousness. The general hierarchy of creatures (at the lower levels) includes minerals (creatures with levels of consciousness from the 5th to the 7th), plants (the 8th – 12th levels), animals (13th – 16th levels), the powers (the 17th, the 18th and partially the 19th levels) and others.

4.3. The Society

The society is a complex energetic-informational structure, consisting of knowledge (information), people, their relationship, social systems, economy and the goods. Law 1. Information forms the human (his thinking, etc.), he, depending on his aptitudes, forms relationship and social systems, the latter stipulate the character of the economy and the goods created by the society in its terms.

The basic characteristics of the society are both its general level of development (defined in accordance with the level of its components) and the level of positiveness (coordination of social and spiritual norms). The subtle world provides for the society development through karmic influences, messiahs’ incarnations, transmissions of appropriate energies and informations.

Personalities are powerful people, able to influence the society development significantly and being often the incarnations of either gods, deities or high assures. As a rule, these are the researchers (creating information),  spiritual teachers  (transmission of information) and rulers (realization of information).

Self-realization on the society is stipulated by the following basic knowledge and aptitudes: life organization,  psychology, professional training, individual qualities. The basic means of influencing the society are professional and  social activities, magic (involvement of external forces,  own energetic influences and auspices).

Levels of the society development are the following: the monarchy (dominant knowledge is religion, the type of labour is physical, demands to the person – individual devotion); democracy (knowledge is science, the type of labour is managerial, demands to the person are professional), spiritual aristocracy (correspondingly, esoterics, the level of knowledge is energetic; the labour is ruling; personal qualities are domineering); and hierarchy (esoterics; complete correspondence between social and spiritual laws).

4.4. The Subtle World

The subtle world within the limits of the Earth is made from energetic and quantum spaces, elements, worlds and the creatures inhabiting them with energies from the 17th to the 24th levels. All the creatures are divided into those belonging to the Hierarchy of Light, the Hierarchy of the Evil (the darks), the mixed (the greys) and the indefinite (those who have not chosen the way).

The Hierarchy of Light is divided into the secular, spiritual and artistic powers, which universal gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are patronizing.  The Programme of love given by Christ (the world teacher, the 52nd level) completed in 2000 to give way to the new programme of the Golden Age, organizing life in accordance with the  ideals and laws of the Creator.

Brahma (God-Father) patronizes rulers, diplomats and warriors. Vishnu (God-Holy Spirit) patronizes priests (clergymen), teachers and healers. Shiva (God-Son) protects researchers, creators and actors.

Agregores are stable energetic-informational systems, realizing the programmes set in them through positive and negative interactions with the human and other people. They are created for strengthening and supporting processes and may be national, spiritual, personal, etc.

The subtle world is also responsible for the development of the human through creating educational situations, informational and energetic influences. In case the activity is adequate (corresponds to the laws) the influences of the subtle world will be positive, with non-adequate  – negative.

Interconnections in the World Around

The level of society

The level of knowledge

The indicating class

Social system


1. Monarchy


the 1st level,





2. Democracy


the 2nd,





3. Spiritual Aristocracy



the 3rd level, kshatrias





4. Hierarchy

Esoterics, consciousness

the 4th level, brahmans


to spiritual laws


4.5. Building of Creatures

The Creature  is a complex system, able to transform the world around and energies appropriate to this system. The creature consists of the essence, mental structures, one or several subtle bodies, some other systems, sometimes it also includes a physical body.

The essence consists of the energies of the Absolute, it is connected with it either directly or through patrones and carries a programme of  the creature’s development. The essence is also also vital for the creature’s forming, holding and strengthening its subtle bodies. Creatures without the essence are mortal.

Mental structures are the basic units of the creature’s consciousness meant to make decisions, controlling perception and reactions (physical and subtle bodies) through processing energies, information and images appropriate for the creature.

Subtle bodies are responsible for the realization of the creature’s manifestations and consist of the membranes, their systems and free energies. Membranes serve for locating systems, keeping free energies and protection from alien energies and influences. Systems realize different aptitudes of the creature.

Physical body is a creature’s temporary dwelling place and allows it to develop at an accelerated rate due to the abilities provided by this body to accumulate big amounts of energy. Every creature receives the body it deserves and is able to control.


5.1. The Human

The Human is a special creature meant to be the Creator’s assistant in the latter’s projects implementation and endowed with a big development potential for this purpose. In terms of implementation of their destination (development) humans are divided into the aware and unaware, developing and not developing.

The aware is characterized, first of all, by understanding his responsibility towards God for his life and destiny, by understanding karmic consequences and priority of spiritual laws over social ones, by understanding the regularities of destiny and reasons of his own reactions.

The unaware is characterized by, first of all, non-accepting the God and  absence of understanding his responsibility for his life and destiny towards Him, by denial of karmic consequences and spiritual laws, absence of understanding regularities of destiny and reasons of  his own reactions («someone is responsible for it»)

The developing is characterized, first of all, by the presence of clearly defined external and internal life goals, treating life as the most valuable opportunity for development, taking all responsibility for his life and destiny, activity directed to self-development, self-cognition and self-organizing.

The non-developing is characterized, first of all, by absence of definite private and presence of stereotyped goals, treatment of life as a duty or the possibility to satisfy wishes, shifting the responsibility for his behaviour, life and destiny, non-development and justifying his inflexibility and his misfortunes.

5.2. The Building of the Human

The human consists of external systems, the consciousness, the energy and the body. All these parts are interconnected and the transformations in one of them cause appropriate transformations in the other components of the human. Development stipulates clear understanding one’s structure in accordance to the level.

External systems (the capsule, the spirit) are given to the human when he/she is born and it contains 30% of all his/her energies. The capsule is meant for communication with the subtle world and the human’s monitoring, it is subject to Karma. The spirit implements the God’s patronizing in the human,  it is immediately subject to the Absolute.

The consciousness is the main component of the human meant for controlling his energy and body, communication with external systems and it contains 42% of all his energies.

The consciousness consists of the Spiritual creature, mediator, essence, 12 basic chacras, communication channels and a number of systems.

The energy is the next important component of the human, meant for fulfilling the orders of consciousness in the subtle world, energizing body and consciousness. The energy contains about 20% of all the human’s energy and consists of subtle bodies, doubles and other energetic systems.

The body is a physical  component of the human, giving an opportunity to live in the material world and meant for interaction with it through the fulfillment of the orders of consciousness. It contains about 80% of all the human’s energies and consists of the controlling, energizing, implementing and defending components.

5.3. External Influences on the Human

External influences are the factors influencing decision making or causing some transformations in the human. They are classified in accordance to the component, exposed to this influence. The influences of Karma and the soul of the human are considered separately.

Karma according to the spiritual laws may block or unblock the human’s aptitudes, take or give energy, create favourable on unfavourable situations for him. The soul is one of the basic factors of the human development through setting his biases, intuition and worked out individual karma.

Informational influences (situations, information media, creatures, Spiritual creature, the capsule, the spirit) are immediately directed to consciousness and influence its programming and making decisions. The development requires the following conscious operations: registering information and its sources, its parameters analysis and control of its application.

Energy influences (astrological; that of geopathologic zones, minerals, creatures’ energies, etc.) are immediately directed to the human’s energy, transformations in which influence his body and consciousness. Development requires providing the most appropriate energy conditions for the automatic energy accumulation.

Physical influences (air, nourishment, place of dwelling, comfort of the house, natural conditions, therapies) are immediately directed to the human’s body, transformations in which influence energy and consciousness. Development requires that these influences should be appropriate, with minimal energy and time consummation.

5.4. Internal influences on the Human

Internal influences are some manifestations of consciousness, directed to the control of the human activity, his forming and transformations. These influences are divided into automatic (parental and social programming and others) and conscious (techniques of development and control of activities).

Reflection is a number of techniques for the purposeful consciousness development and through this for the development of energy and body. They are based on the utilization of information as programmes for creating performance modes of different components of the human. The main types of these techniques are cognitive methods, making decisions, self-programming and self-analysis.

Auto-suggestion is a number of developmental techniques, meant for considerable transformations  of energy(on the basis of made decisions), consciousness and body of the human (opening systems, substituting energy, etc.). They are characterized by the involvement of primarily logical (mental formulation) and voluntary (concentration, controlling ancestors) orders.

Meditation is a number of techniques of energy, consciousness and body  control, meant for their transformation, communication with the subtle world, receiving information about oneself, influencing the world around, reflection, self-suggestion, revealing aptitudes and super-aptitudes, transmutation and communication with God.

Physical training is a number of techniques of movement meant for the development of primarily physical body and energetic systems providing it. These exercises involve in work  the majority of chacras of the human and provide energizing his consciousness and energy.

5.5. Levels of Development of the Human

General level of development of the human is a basic characteristics of the human in the subtle world, defining his aptitudes, abilities, responsibility and the attitude of other creatures to him, used by Karma for making a lot of decisions. There are 8 levels of development for the human.

Opening the level is stipulated by  opening an appropriate chacra of the human, which causes accumulating the energy of this level, launching its development programme and subjecting the lower chacras to it. Natural chacra opening takes place through the accumulation of information of its (that of the chacra) level and completion of the previous chacra programme.

Initial levels (the 17th physical and the 18th ethereal)  – shudras,vaishiu are characterized by understanding and application of social laws and influences on the body. The 19th energetic level kshatris, strong personalities are characterized by understanding and application of energetic laws and influences on energy.

Mental levels (the 20th mental level, the 21st karmic level, the 22nd buddhic level) – brahmans,  people of knowledge are characterized by understanding and application of spiritual laws and influences on the consciousness. Transmutational levels (the 23rd  spiritual level, the 24th absolute level) brahmas, messiahs, god-people are characterized by understanding every phenomenon of reality, transmutation,  siddhs and ability to communicate with God.

The next levels (25th – 45th) correspond to the initiation of the human in the hierarchy of gods. This possibility is set in his chacras, situated in additional doubles along the sushumna (the central channel, connecting the Spiritual Essence of the human with the Absolute).