M.Y. Mianiye



Chapter 1. State of happiness

State essence

Happiness is a vast topic, often complicated and controversial due to the experience a person gains in his or her life. Therefore, it is necessary to calmly, patiently and thoroughly form understanding of happiness: what it is, what it consists of, what rules apply here. Achievement of happiness – what should be done to make this marvellous dream com true, to enable a person to reach the state of happiness.

Teaching of a person to be happy is one of the most important aims of spiritual and esoteric schools, but each system understands it differently. Most often these are simple answers: in other words happiness is supposed to be in only one thing. Starting from wonderful one – service to God (it is excellent but not enough) and to something primitive (a good dinner) and sensual pleasures. This is a great mistake. The concept of happiness is much wider: the definition – what it is, characteristics – what is the completeness of happiness feeling, criteria – what are the levels of happiness, ways to achieve it – what a person should be able to do and what is to be done in life to achieve and gain happiness. These are the key moments.

First of all, it is necessary to find out what is not happiness.

First. Happiness is not a material thing (bread, water, money, accommodation), this is not what a person can hold in his or her hands. If a person dreams: «I will buy a car, a house – and will be happy», then most often it is just an illusion and some day one should pay for it. Since even being prosperous, a person suffers as much as all the others («Rich people also cry»). The world of big money is cruel, and only few are able to stay in it, going through various adverse situations, often hurting other people, even very close ones.

Second. Happiness is not information, not knowledge, which a person receives. One can know a lot, but it does not mean that it will work for the person. There are intelligent people, widely-read, knowledgeable, but who has said that this ensures their success in life? Knowledge creates opportunities. And if a person manages to implement this knowledge in life, then it may assist in becoming happy.

Merits (honesty, nobility), abilities (open third eye etc.) are also not happiness as it is.

Happiness is a state, which a person experiences here and now. This is what you feel, what is born deep in your Soul. This is the energy, which is awakened to life and manifests as correspondent feelings. Pain is energy also. However, it is important to understand that happiness is a specific state, the energy, living in us, and in order to enable this energy to generate the state of happiness, it must be of this kind (light, powerful, pure).

The sources of joy, pleasure are the best things that are inside a person, which can be expressed. One should try and have them as much as possible (the more, the better). Negative things – suffering, lack of confidence, fears, shame, humiliation, anger, offences, bitter losses etc. Ought to be absent on the spiritual as well as on the physical levels. Provided that a lot of good things are internally awakened to life, and bad things are at rest, this gives you a pleasant state hinting you are closer to happiness.

Drawing a picture of the states of mind experienced by a person the lowest step is occupied by different negative states (from light depression to strong hysterics, at the edge of madness). This is the very bottom, where a person may be, very unpleasant states. People spend most part of their time in these states of various degrees. A higher step is occupied by neutral states, zero, «nothing» is close to them. «How are you doing?» – «OK», – the state of nothing. Further, higher states are with the sign of «plus» – these are states, good, what should be looked for. The highest states achievable for a person are the states of happiness.  They have multiple layers.

The movement along the Way of Development suggests that a person creates this picture in his or her consciousness. He or she gets an opportunity to find out that the states people live in are different. Somewhere the bottom is in unbearable mental suffering (not obligatory physical), in other places people live in nothingness as robots (no feelings, no impulses, no suffering), closer to zero – life was empty, as if a dream — no sense. Next place is where light states are – when a person has always fire inside, it is pleasant to live for such a person. Further on, the states become stronger and stronger, the higher the person climbs the higher states are, the stronger the emotions are. When a person crosses this border – he or she enters the state of happiness, the state of life enjoyment. Our task is to study this, to understand, where we are and work our way up step by step.

What we feel is energy. For each energy there are specific sources and specific values. For example, if you appreciate beauty, you can admire it, if you do not – «So what, ok – it is beautiful, but I personally see nothing special». If a person appreciates music – he or she can enjoy it. Understanding fine details of relationships and love to people brings enjoyment from communication. Provided that a person does not have this value and the ability to implement this value, he or she will not enjoy communication. What a person appreciates in this life, – these are the sources, opportunities, which may be switched on, and when they work (activated values), a person experiences positive emotions and sensations. Having a lot of these feelings brings the state of happiness.

Happiness is the state abundant in the sources of joy, delight, and positive emotions. The more of these sources are awakened, the better it is, the stronger the states you can experience. The sources of suffering, worries, fears, everything that comes with the sign of minus, is absent or in the periphery, not spoiling general background of the state. If anybody touches on your sore place and thoroughly pushes on it, it is hard to feel joy, even if you get «5» at the examination. Pain must be absent.

Happiness is in activated sources of energy, therefore, achieving the state of happiness suggests two directions: what gives joy, pleasure – to seek, form inside, awaken; what makes a person suffer needs to be found and eliminated. There are two essential; types of these sources – internal and external. They are to be defined and realize interrelation between them.

Regarding internal sources. First, to be able to feel happiness, a person should strive for it. If this person does not need it, he or she does not channel the mental efforts there, and happiness will not be achieved. Most people do not think about it. A person must want to be happy. Second, he or she ought to have reasons for happiness – these are value. The more value a person has, the more opportunities he or she has to feel happiness. Sources of happiness provide an opportunity, and when a person may deliberately awaken inside sources of joy and delight, he or she is capable of reaching the state of happiness. When you stay alone and nothing happens, nothing should be done, you can either suffer, or enjoy what you are, you live and it means that your mission on the Earth has not been over, that God is with you, that you are an immortal Soul, you respect yourself, you know what you are living for, you see that you act correctly etc. Being alone, can you be a happy person?

Internal sources are the key. If a person does not seek happiness and considers that he or she will suffer inevitably, then being alone he or she will suffer, and the surrounding life will be perceived with hostility, as a reason to suffer. Internal sources are primary. Whether the person respects him/herself, loves him/herself, wishes happiness to him/herself, believes that he or she has the right to enjoy this life, that life is the unique opportunity, in particular to be happy, or vice versa. Internal sources must provide a person with the state of happiness. It is necessary to learn and feel the state of happiness being alone. Surrounding life (leisure, socializing with friends, music, visiting museums, theatres etc.) stands for the chances and if a person is trained he or she is able to take the advantage of them. If not – he or she will not make use of them but will be bored and stressed. The interrelation is simple.

In the ideal variant, a person must find the state, when he or she feels delight from the senses, his or her place in life, interaction with the environment, with the things that must bring joy and intensify the state he or she has achieved. In the worse variant, staying alone, the person will be bored or will worry, not to mention the environment. Most often the personality has not been built. He or she does not think much about the fact that interacting with life, he or she enjoys it or suffers from it, depending on his/her beliefs.

Task – answer the question: What are the sources of joy and delight for you? Why?

Completeness of sensations

So, happiness is not a thing and in a number of spiritual schools, due to the fact that crude materialism brings lots of troubles, they refuse from material goods at all. Happiness is what a person feels here and now («There is just a moment, hold it»). It is what you feel every single moment – the Soul sings songs of joy, energy plays inside you, eyes shine or express cautiousness and suspiciousness. What is inside you here and now, will tell you that either you live in the state of happiness or just sit looking at it.

What does achieving the state of happiness depend on? If you have sources (what to be merry about), something to be awakened to life or the abilities to awaken them? The more sources of joy and delight a person has (a variety of discovered values, numerous formed skills), the more opportunities he or she has. The more inner values he or she has, and the better he or she can awaken them, the stronger state he or she is able to experience.

What does the power of the state of happiness depend on? The more sources of joy you can awaken simultaneously, the stronger state of happiness you are capable of experiencing. Suppose, a person has faith – it is good, has love to people – it is good, they fill this person’s heart with joy. However, if another person, besides faith and love to people there is also the sense of inner merits, there is delight from the fact that he or she can do something in life, if he or she is calm, even, confident, has what to live for, then the more sources of joy he or she has, the stronger state of happiness he or she can gain. One needs to become aware of these sources, giving a person joy and delight in life, even when nothing happens. It is all inside.

There is a person with his or her thoughts about him/herself and this world. It is ideal when a person sets an aim and realizes what is the most important thing in this life, what can light up joy in the heart and provide the strongest and most pleasant states. And if everything is done properly, each interaction between the person and the environment will give joy and delight. For this purpose we need answers to various questions. For example, one can get upset in a conflict situation: «I am totally wrong, destiny is unfair». But another person can look at it with a smile, like at a lesson and say: «A wonderful situation, it is possible to practice (silence is gold; he cries while I am singing songs to myself)». One person may go mad because of being looked frowned at, another has his or her interest: «I want to become invulnerable». Provided that the person has answers to different questions, then in any situation he or she can find something good, something to seek, and in that case joy and happiness always stay with this person.

A person becomes the master, when each situation provides him or her with delight, whether it is a battle or a minor conflict, or creativity. He or she can take the advantage of it. A person becomes fully happy, when each touch with life, each mental movement, staying on his ort her own, brings delight. When the person’s heart is filled with ever-burning joy, it means that he or she has done a great step in the inner spiritual development. At first there will be hesitations – enemies are alert, old problems hold firmly. So these problems get acute, when you make a decision to part with them. The problem raises its head and expresses itself more than when you set the aim to uproot it. It tries to protect itself.

Principle 1. The more sources of joy you can awaken to life in parallel, the stronger state you experience. Happiness comprises two components. They are equal in value – internal and external. There must be no overbalance in one direction, as it is in many schools with varied circularity – either meditations from dawn to sunset, or focus on material welfare only. In many respects intelligence and wisdom are in measure and success. In practice it depends on whether a person sees their components and finds them in the right proportion, whether they provide the ideal image. Therefore, following the Way of achieving happiness, it is necessary to set emphases correctly. It will not be possible to gain happiness, plunging only into meditation ort self-realization.

Internal sources. There is, for instance, inspiring dream: «I seek to reach happiness in all its manifestations in its fullness». Nonetheless, to enable a person to experience the state of happiness, it is required to learn and control him/herself, set goals and create aspirations for them, awaken energy internal sources.

External sources. A person must become the master to achieve complete happiness on Earth. If he or she relaxes and enjoys it in full, works while creating, communicates using feelings, then these are high ethics. Wherever we have touch with life, we have opportunities for happiness. Even when a situation is not the best one – say, a conflict. Achievement of a certain rate of wisdom is in that fact that you know how to act and experience joy. In a conflict situation it is possible to get into a row (threat for your business), but it can be turned for the positive effect. The task is to learn how to minimize losses, how to keep reputation.

Principle 2. These are the sources of happiness as they are, and the more sources a person has the more opportunities for happiness he or she has. But in every specific situation there is its own answer – its measure. Imagine that you communicate with a person – with one you will choose soft treatment, with another — rough, depending on what will work for these people.

One of our tasks is to learn and act so that wee do not lose the state whatever happens. E.g. you need to fire or punish a person. It is unpleasant to do as you know that the person will be offended, will hide or get angry. It is necessary to do anything, even something unpleasant for you, staying cool, with burning flame in your heart, keeping joy and leading to the best result possible. If a person should be reprimanded, you do it not because you do not like him or her but because you know that it is correct (he or she deserves it) and this will bring you respective effect.

For example, your child has done a bad thing – killed a bird. You may either pretend that you did not see it, because you love him or her, or punish him or her so that he or she remembers forever that it is forbidden to offend animals and people. When you punish the child, it does not mean that you hate him or her. You love him or her and think how to make so that this bad action does not become a habit, doe not affect future destiny. Therefore, keeping love to a person, you do your best to pursue the set goal, – here, you punish. The child will not ever forget it and will never offend anybody or anything. Punishing, you should not lose the flame in the heart.

The same is right for socializing with different people. The task is to learn, even pronouncing something unpleasant, and keep the flame inside, externally showing what will provide maximum feedback. It is hard. Most people cannot control their state: «I want» – and light up the flame, feelings, or deliberately change the role. Most people sometimes feel pleased if something good happens but they always get upset if something bad occurs.

We need to learn and differentiate various tints in relationship manifestations. If you understand that this «good» is flattering, and the only aim is to make you open, then you already know that is come next. You may, staying internally calm, take any role the way you want it. If it is a conflict, you stay calm inside, behaving externally the way you prefer. For each situation there are their specific answers. And various sources of joy and delight must awaken the merits and abilities inside a person in the most different versions and proportions. It is then that you realize what should be awakened in every situation, thus, gaining an opportunity to be adequate. Ignoring something leads only to troubles and punishments.

Levels of happiness

There are lots of levels of happiness, and when it seems to a person that he or she has already experienced everything and nothing better can happen in life – it is a mistake. While the person is making his or her Way of Development through different levels of happiness he or she becomes stronger, smarter, better and thus happiness is growing. Happiness is what you feel inside.

Power – you are able to set the aim and obtain the desired in all internal transformations or in life (go and do). External manifestation of power is to lead people, create a team, a party etc.

Perfection – correspondence to a certain ideal. The closer you approach understanding of what Gods want to see in the person, the better the feedback of your strive is. The higher a person becomes, the more he or she knows, appreciates and the more sources of flame, joy, and delight he or she has. The higher level the person reaches in the development, the more powerful his or her state of happiness is. For energetically weak person all these expressions will be weak too. Love – a bit, impulse – a bit. Running out of energy, expression cannot grow – like batteries that have just 12 volt, and no expression may be more powerful. If this is a nuclear power plant – it is its potential, and if there is an opportunity to push the switch button, this potential can work.

The states of happiness have various levels. The higher the development level is, the more opportunities for happiness a person will have. But the very level of development does not guarantee happiness. The level of development is determined by what you want (your aspirations). Bread and circuses stand for the 1st level, this is the top. If a person wants power, and in top become perfect in the material sphere of life, sophistication, and satisfaction, this is the 2nd level. If a person appreciates personal qualities, he or she seeks not the people who are useful economically, but trustworthy ones, to feel comfortable beside them, be respectable etc. Inner personal qualities already stand for the 3rd level. In other words, what a person wants is the first; what a person is – the second and the third (qualities, abilities, social realizations) levels.

If a person comes onto a certain level of development, it does not yet guarantee that he or she will be happy. It gives an opportunity on this level to get specific scope of happiness, and further the person will face problem situations that are typical of each level. For example, if у a person does not have a large company, nobody will come to him or her from the prosecutor’s office, from racketeers will not come either, his or her problems will be pettier. Provided that a person does not seek to become the Olympic champion, the issue of taking the first or the second place is not burning. But if the person strives for becoming the Olympic champion, the second place may be perceived as a defeat, though many people cannot even dream of it.

Interdependence of the level and state of happiness is simple. Opened level also means opportunity for happiness and delight, which a person may get. The very sensation of happiness shows how well a person managed to implement these opportunities. A person may be intelligent, even genial, but there are lots of composers, artists, and poets, who suffered much more than enjoyed their lives. There are high abilities, but there are also a great number of disputable questions in personal life, faith, and self-concept. If a person is silly, it does not worry him or her at all, but if he or she has sharp perception, then the deeper the illusion is, the more painful the perception is. Each level is characterized by specific problems. Provided that a person managed to cope with these problems, then on his or her level he solved all necessary tasks. The state of happiness shows that this level is being passed in the right way. Happiness is the award for a person, who answered correctly the questions, set by the destiny and Higher Powers: «You need to be there». And the person managed to do all these.

There are many levels of happiness. The very level (abilities, aspirations, aims) is an opportunity, while the state of happiness demonstrates whether you were able to make use of this opportunity. A person may be happy at any level he or she is. It means that the state of happiness does not depend on the person’s step development, it depends on how correct are the answer given at this very stage of development. Therefore, one of the requirements to make a person happy is to understand, where he or she is, what values must be formed inside the personality and which ones should be refused from. To understand one’s potential and seek to form these values. If you (either mentally or on the level of external goals) want something that exceeds you actual capabilities for the nearest future, you will not reach them – you will suffer or do more than possible, but still the result will be negative. If you try to build up something that is lower than your level (there is a proverb for the first level: «For happiness you need to bring up a child, build a house and plant a tree»). Everything has been done but the person still lacks something. And will lack, if your Soul requires much more. For happiness it is necessary to realize where the person is. What is lower, will be boring, what is higher – not achievable.

Our aim is to form an image for ourselves by levels of happiness, to see: here people suffer or enjoy due to this or that (what reasons), to see the place where you are. And when the person becomes aware: «I am here», he or she needs to solve the problems correspondent to this level.

If a person gets rid of most problems (suppose, under our program – by the end of the 4th step of training), the further the state of happiness will not leave him or her, it will steadily grow. Then, to enter the state of happiness and delight the person will only need the feelings of peace and relaxation. It means that you will get the control of your inner problems, and will be able to switch them off with the will efforts only. When the state of peace and relaxation becomes powerful, then to switch on is not a problem of power any more. On the vast background of light energies petty problems cannot switch on. But if the state is on the borderline, the any tiny problem may switch the person over.

First steps are peace and deep relaxation. Then the person must obtain powerful energy, supplied by the respective techniques (basic state – Current, fireball and cross). Energy is almost never more than enough. The more energy you have, the more opportunities for feelings and abilities. You need to learn and light up this energy as it is power. The basic state (to learn and light up fire) is what makes a person strong and approaches him or her to God.

There are numerous ingredients, keeping a person in the current of Light on the spiritual level: eternal flame, state of being pleased. Whatever happens to you know that you are the Soul, God is with you, as well as faith, love, bringing joy in the heart. This is what permanently relates a person to God and enables him or her to live in the currents of Light. Peace and relaxation, worked out in meditation ought to be further trained to implement in practice.

At a certain level a person stops worrying, suffering, experiencing depressions and hysteric states. He or she starts shining. Any person has a lot of good points, many good things occur to him or her. E.g., joy. There is joy based on a reason, it keeps as long as this reason does – for example, speaking to a new a person. There is also joy supported by itself. The task is to make this joy be supported by itself only. It is necessary to make so that regardless of what is happening (whether you walk around a city with friends or along a deserted road on your own) only one thing can be seen – a shiny person walking. You do not have to give a colgate smile, but it is evident that you shine. You are not pressed, your eyes slightly smile, and there is even no need to say anything. Some people are constantly pressed, they are fixed by their fears, emotions do not switch off. Muscular tension is also present on the subconscious level of the emotions that cannot be bypassed. However, they are to be bypassed.