M.Y. Myaniye




It is more than enough prejudice of any kind in our society. When we look back at the past we see that the dominant ideology always puts obstacles in the way of development of new kind of knowledge. Some time ago the first believers were persecuted. When religion became dominant the first scientists were burned to death. Nowadays esotericism gains strength and its knowledge attracts more and more people, so religion and science try to prevent its propagation. Though this knowledge is mostly a logical consequence of spiritual knowledge, but of more complete and thorough kind. Esotericism is different from religion, it gives not only faith, it also gives people opportunity to check all statements from experience. It is necessary to accumulate energy and  reveal potentialities, learn to work with spiritual laws professionally and discover the influence of mistakes or breach of spiritual laws on destiny and health of a person to find out the sources and remove them.


What do people believe in? The less a person knows or he has huge gaps and contradiction in his knowledge the more fear, doubt and different restrictions he has in his soul. So he can see less possibilities in his life. All this also agrees with Christ’s precepts: “If you study the light of knowledge will set you free”. If a person doesn’t think about his destination on Earth, if he has no inspiring purposes, then he lives with lackluster eyes and usually dies before time. Schools of esotericism help a person to understand the meaning of his life, determine purposes wakening all his mental power, become responsible for his own destiny, trim up his body. To become Master, learn the art of life on Earth one should learn to think and act enjoying and rejoicing at every minute of life. If a person has no strength, he can hardly raise his hand, then there is no need to say about happiness. Energy development allows to accumulate the quantity of energy necessary for living a full life. Human organism contains enough means to renew itself, overcome illness. One has the opportunity to start these processes automatically and forget about illnesses if he accumulates energy and finds piece of mind.

The foundations of esoteric development are represented in this book, but it doesn’t contain description of techniques and methods. Before practice a person should fulfill several requirements concerning his or her development and learn to work with energy under the guidance of experienced mentor (individual education or schools of esotericism). But schools of esotericism are different. You should choose carefully whom to trust to avoid negative consequences. This should be a highly qualified school which has actual positive achievements.


Scientific supervisor of

Centre “Development of the Human”



Formation of understanding

(or why you need this)

There are many spiritual theories and fine teachings on Earth. But if we look carefully at our surroundings we can easily make sure that almost nobody is perfect: a genius scientist with health and appearance problems, excellent businessman whose family is falling to pieces. This list of examples can be continued.

Why do we see such situation? If we take the strongest doctrines which give the most considerable results, then we can see that each of them has some problems. For instance Christianity (one milliard believers): love is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t develop strength and you look for the knowledge of social self-actualization in some other source. Philosophy of science taught how to make money, satellites, spaceships, but still people have not become happy. Medicine improves and health becomes worse. Buddhism and classical yoga give strength, open abilities, but social problems remain the same, a person not always can self-actualize. Besides these teachings were formed long ago. The conditions have changed. So not everyone can follow this way. There are many people who practise yoga, but not everyone can get what yoga can give.

Every teaching has its advantages, but not each of them can be considered to be perfect. The idea of creation of our Centre is to unite all this knowledge and to create a new knowledge, if necessary. The purpose is to give a person the maximum and in the best way within the framework of one course: answers to all stirring questions, realization of the main interests and help during solution of problems.

For the most part every course and teaching is anxious for answer to the question: Why do people live on the Earth? How can they attain happiness, power, perfection and freedom. Buddhism says that life is suffering, and the way to escape suffering is to stick to eight noble truths and so on. Each school sees the answers in its own way. If they are being united, than we shall have the following situation. The superior aim for a man is to understand and fulfill his predestination. If he is a pawn in some system, if he is a small fry or a creature which doesn’t deserve to live on the Earth, then this implies a certain self-perception. If a person is the Creator’s assistant in future with a great potential inside, then this implies totally different self-perception and perception of life. This burns hearts and helps to spread wings.

There is a theory of memorized helplessness in psychology. Scientists conducted the experiment. They took two groups of dogs and started to strike them with the current. In the first group the current rush stopped after a dog had pressed the pedal. In the second group it didn’t matter whether they pressed the pedal or not. Then the groups were combined, the current was switched on. The first group quickly caught the new situation. The second group had been running with a doomed appearance, then fell down on the floor and started whining sorrowfully. They even didn’t attempt to do something, to find the way out.

Approximately the same situation concerning people can be observed. If a man doesn’t know that another, more interesting, beautiful, rich life is possible for him, then he is living in a certain routine, within the bounds of his own established conception. He even doesn’t attempt to change something in his life.

How to overflow the personal possibilities? The theory of memorized helplessness says that if a man doesn’t believe something is possible, then he doesn’t even make any attempts. If a man knows that he deserves everything he has in his life (even if something happens according to incomprehensible laws on account of mistakes and wrong behaviour), then he starts thinking of how to achieve his aim.

Here is a very simple rule – A man cannot solve a problem which surpasses him. For instance, if you are taking part in a fight in a boxing ring and your opponent is 40 kilograms heavier, stronger and much better-trained, then you have no chance to win. The fight will be over in several seconds (one punch –  and you are down for the count).The categories are totally different . If a man is weaker, he may undertake a thousand attempts – but all this is useless. If you improve your level and become stronger, smarter, then you will cope with any problem in your life (conflicts, inferiority complex, weak points). One more example. One person finally hears “Yes” after many years of “No, no, no”. Another one comes, gives a smile and hears “Yes” in one minute. Why? This is a different level. A man may even say nothing, but you feel the pleasant high energy emanating from him. That is why development determines what you can count on in your life, what purposes are accessible to you in your life.

How can we make our development more effective, our purposes more lofty and beautiful? How can we overflow the limits of our possibilities, without just being not worse than our neighbours? Most people follow the example of those who are near by. That is a standard mistake. The ancients said: If you want your son to become the Olympic champion, then you will take him not to your neighbours, but to the only master, who trains the Olympic champions. But as a rule a man is formed by circumstances and his associates (And often it is impossible to say that their life is worthy and beautiful in every respect). Look at somebody’s parents and surroundings. The life they are living is very similar to the destiny of people who trust them entirely. It is necessary to search for the masters to change your own life.

Let’s take somebody’s job or private life. If we look closely, only a few can say they are absolutely happy in their private life. Love is a lofty art. Neither schools nor higher educational establishments teach how to find a job, how to make a career, how to become happy. A man is ready to be a doer without understanding the laws everything is subordinated to, personal qualities necessary for him not to break down and to be respected. The mentioned spheres seem to be totally different, but they are subordinated to the same laws. A man gets into a certain situation, interacts with other people. What is he doing, what impression does he make, does he control the situation or he is controlled by the situation? Job, private life, surroundings. A man should become perfect to have an access to all this. This supposes a constant development.

Most of people know that “everybody should be all right, everybody should have enough of everything” and so on. But there is more complicated question: What to do to have all these purposes accessible to people? These are the questions we learn on our lectures. Whatever you do, whoever you communicate with – you control yourself or you cannot control yourself.

A strong man. When someone is trying to drive him out of his wits and saying offensive words he is thinking, “they want me to take offence, but nothing will come of this”. His answer is enough to teach not to do that again without raising his voice, without aggressiveness in his speech, without saying bad words. He defends his dignity without disgracing his opponent. Everyone is excited and nervous, everyone is a fuss, but he is in full control of the situation, he is calm, relaxed, he is thinking without giving way to panic. A weak person shows primitive behaviour. Offensive words provoke scream and tears, good words light up such person (“You can do whatever you want”). That man doesn’t control himself.

Look at your behaviour. You can realize the following tasks: “I want to be strong. I want to be a warrior. I want to be a loving husband. I want to be a poet”. You evoke the corresponding state of mind and you get what you want, you feel “I can do that”. You are alone with yourself. You need to learn to control the situation and not to lose.

How much are you interested in your destiny? For example, some man is self-confident, he can pay back in kind, but has no achievements in his life. Why? You may be self-confident, you may be able to stick up for yourself and learn to make compliments. But if a man doesn’t know what to live for and doesn’t see that this question is the most important question in his life, then he won’t be able to control his destiny and all those things won’t prove very useful to him. People should learn a lot to make their purposes real. Different spiritual schools offer different approaches to the study of this. Our Centre is one of such schools.

If a man has no aim, then he looks depressed, with lacklustre eyes. He only needs to make his daily bread. This is sad, he needs to survive. If a man has his aim, then this is wonderful. He sparkles, he is alive.

There are many interesting features in psychology. Retirement home, for instance: some people there have a choice, others have no choice (somebody wants to watch some TV program or it doesn’t matter what to watch; choice of dishes: “I want to have vareniks on Wednesday and Friday” or it doesn’t matter what to eat.) A person who has a choice can think and make decisions. Such people live longer, they are in a better mood, they have at least some aim. If there is no aim then such life is meaningless. A person dies, commits suicide or just fades away.

Two persons are together. If their love is the only thing that keeps them alive, then one of them dies and after a while another one dies too. There is absolutely no motive to stay on the Earth. Many people have the excuse – children. It is good, but not enough.

You need to learn to choose purposes, that agree with your personality. Everyone has a talent, but one should work hard to open it. Most of people do not study themselves. There is nothing more invaluable and more intimate than your Soul. But whether a man spends a lot of time to perceive himself? There is enough time for reading newspapers, lying on a sofa, but there is no time for the Soul. One should aspire to set aims for many years to be inspired with those aims and not to be sorry about that. This is a great skill. People make many useless efforts, spend a lot of time almost for nothing, do what seems important to them, but doesn’t lead them to their aims. They even cannot understand nobody needs that. For example, the same family conflicts can last for decades. We read a book of psychology and see the guidelines about the best ways to answer, to talk with another person. The conflict is spent.

A man is able to rule his destiny when he has his aim, plan, and when he approaches his aim step by step. Most of people are drawn by the stream, they become victims of the circumstances. How to learn to choose purposes and to calculate steps, how to realize the personal purposes, how to learn not to break, how to learn to advance using the strength of will (“I will overcome everything and, I will get through everything”), how to become frank and sensitive?

Besides the will of a man there is the will of the Supreme Forces. When you set some certain aims, then God helps you. If the aims are wrong, God punishes you. One can make gigantic efforts in vain. He earns some money and loses it, earns again and loses again, he marries and then divorces. He is doing wrong, he does not deserve the right to be happy because of his behaviour, his actions. Another person achieves everything naturally. Why? He is thinking and acting differently though both persons seem to do outwardly the same.

The program of our Centre contains everything concerning destiny, the laws of destiny, ways to perceive this. It allows you to understand whether your Patrons will help you or you will have problems. The main thing is your destiny.

The second thing is the total control of the situation. You communicate with someone. What may have an influence upon your estimation of another person and what can influence this person in his or her attitude to you? You want a person to say “yes” finally and you do not want to hear “no”. Where is the secret? The first is your state. If a man stands shilly-shally, if he is diffident and you do not even hear him, if it is unpleasant to talk to him and he has a lot of problems than everybody take leave of him quickly. Another man is calm, relaxed and friendly. He is well-mannered and his appearance is nice. It is pleasant to look at him and to hear him. The main thing is the state.

Nobody (or almost nobody) teaches how to learn to rule the inward life, how to act evenly and freely and become strong, confident, friendly, how to control one’s attention. Love: if a person doesn’t feel some kind attitude to him- or herself then he or she feels sad and depressed. If you have a soft spot for someone then you inspire and encourage this person. This is a lofty art, people should learn it. The image is also important: speech, inflexion (how to talk with dignity to get the necessary answers, how to put an offender in his place), appearance, manners and so on.

The third thing is the self-control. It is always hard for a man to try to do something when he has lack of energy. When energy comes many problems disappear of their own accord. How to learn to accumulate energy? There are many conditions, physical exercises and esoteric techniques (self-suggestion, meditation). If you have energy, a lot of energy, then you can easily open your extrasensory abilities. If a man does not have energy than his memory becomes disconnected, his eyesight and everything else fails not to mention his extrasensory abilities.